Ranking as of 16.9.2008

Updated national ranking of pilots as of 16.9.2008.

So, once again, I present to you the interim calculation of the national ranking of pilots! There is not much left until the end of the year, so who wants to improve his ranking should study the calendar of the remaining races and go:-)

This ranking is only indicative (it does not serve to compile the national team - it will be compiled from the ranking at the end of the year).

Here you can find complete results of each pilot:ranking_08_do_16_9_without_odect

And here are the results after counting only the top 5 results: ranking_08_do_16_9_s_odectem

Pilots who did not find their other results in the tables, please send them to ludekpro@seznam.cz or sportovnikomise@svazpg.cz (preferably with the web address of the results list).