Ultralight aircraft

Ultralighty jsou letadla, která je možno na rozdíl od “velkých” letadel postavit vlastníma rukama. Vlastní létání se liší od létání na “dospělých” letadlech hlavně výrazně nižší cenou. Ultraligty mají ze všech sportovních létajících zařízení nejvyšší výkony a umožňují turistické cestování na tisícikilometrové vzdálenosti.

Acquisition cost: the acquisition cost is highly dependent on whether you build the aircraft yourself or buy a new factory-made aircraft. The cost of self-building is in the order of hundreds of thousands (the largest item is a suitable engine, which can be obtained by modifying an automotive engine at relatively affordable cost), unless you count the order of several thousand hours of custom work. The price of factory-built aircraft ranges from 1 to 2 million CZK.

Flying an ultralight is probably the most expensive of all sport flying devices. The operating costs depend on whether you own the aircraft or fly a chartered aircraft. There are now a number of rental operators who lease aircraft to pilots. Depending on the type and operator, the cost per flight hour varies from 1 to 2 thousand CZK. The cost of operating your own aircraft depends on several factors. The first and not always the most important factor is the consumption of operating materials. It ranges from about 7 l /hour for single-seat ultralights to about 13 (but in some cases up to 20) l /hour for two-seaters. Another item is the cost of storing the aircraft. The annual rental of space in the hangar ranges from 15 to 30 thousand CZK. Units to tens of thousands are the cost of service inspections (depending on the type and intensity of operation).

There are a number of pilot training centres that provide flight training on a professional basis. The training is the longest of all SFD and unfortunately also the most expensive, except for fixed-wing helicopters.

Modern ultralights have surprising performance and reach cruising speeds comparable to higher categories of sport and tourist aircraft. They are even capable of international flights with the right equipment. They are the least weather-dependent of all SFD and allow year-round operation.
The biggest disadvantages are the high acquisition and operating costs, the dependence on take-off and landing areas and the possibility of storing aircraft at airports.