Pilot licences

or what is required to be submitted to the LAA Register in order for the relevant licence to be issued or renewed.

Issuance of a pilot licence (after completion of training)

  1. personal sheet confirmed by the operations inspector. If the pilot has been granted training relief, copies of all documents (pilot licences) on the basis of which the relief was granted must be provided. The validity of the personal certificate is 90 days from the final practical test.
  2. A medical certificate issued by a designated aeromedical practitioner. A medical examination by a medical practitioner is also available for free flight on single-seat PK and ZK and single-seat powered PK. Since 2006, the validity of the examinations is up to 75 years of age of the pilot.
  3. Colour passport size photograph - legibly marked with name. It can also be sent by e-mail, but only in JPEG format and at a resolution of up to 200 dpi.
  4. Proof of payment of the administrative fee (money order, copy of bank draft, type C only), if you apply for registration of the qualification at the same time, the fees are added together. Payment can be made on the spot in cash (credit cards are not accepted).

Extension of the validity of the pilot licence

From April 2022, you can also apply for a renewal of your pilot licence via your account on the Administration's website, where you can also pay for it directly, either via QR code, bank transfer or card. A medical examination is no longer required for renewal from April 2022, but must of course be valid to fly.
For those who do not wish to, or cannot, use the LAA CR's 'ON-LINE' application service on the Administration's website, the option remains to submit the documents in person or by post. However, this can no longer be done by e-mail.

  1. Completed and signed original "Pilot Licence Extension" form.
  2. Current standard document photo if the existing photo in the register is older than 10 years (send by email, but only in JPEG and up to 200 dpi).
  3. Proof of payment of the administrative fee (money order or copy of a "C" type deposit slip). Cash payment can be made on the spot when visiting in person (credit cards are not accepted).
  4. ATTENTION! If the validity of the pilot licence is expired for more than 90 days, a written confirmation of recommendation from the LAA CR Operations Inspector is required.

Entering an additional rating on the pilot licence

  1. personal sheet containing confirmation by the LAA CR operational inspector of the acquired qualification.
  2. If a training exemption is granted for VFR, towing, dropping, instructor ratings, copies of the documents (pilot licences) on the basis of which the exemption was granted are required.
  3. Proof of payment of the administrative fee (money order or copy of the "C" type deposit slip); if you apply for an extension at the same time, the fees are cumulative. If you visit in person, you can pay in cash on the spot (we do not accept credit cards).

Note on pilot licences:

Pilot licences issued by the LAA CR will be displayed in each pilot's secure account after logging in on the Administration's website from 2021. From there, it is possible to download the image of the pilot licence to the relevant electronic devices and to present this electronic image of the pilot licence in case of inspection.

Issuance of FAI licence

FAI licenses for 2023 are virtual only. The currently issued FAI licenses for the Czech Republic can be found in this list.

If you want to issue an FAI license for 2023, then:

  1. you must be a member of the LAA of the Czech Republic and the Paragliding Association (you can check your current membership status online) and have a valid pilot's licence (if you are not a Czech citizen, permanent residence in the Czech Republic for at least 6 months is required)
  2. you should be familiar with the FAI Sporting Regulations (no one will test you on them, but as an FAI licence holder you should be aware of them).

If you meet these conditions, please follow these steps:

  1. fill in this form,
  2. zaplaťte 250 Kč na účet LAA 2800066859 / 2010 – variabilní symbol je rodné číslo a do poznámky přidejte FAI licence 2023 – {jméno a příjmení}, např. “FAI licence 2023 – Josef Novák”.

Then wait for your FAI license to appear in the list above. This is usually within 14 days.
If in exceptional cases a faster FAI licence is needed, contact the Chief Paragliding Operations Inspector Mgr. Jan Hajek (see LAA Contacts).

Issuing an IPPI card

IPPI cards for PL and ZL qualifications are issued by individual operations inspectors. Contact details of the inspectors can be found here.

For an overview of the administrative fees for services, please refer to the price list.