About LAA CR

Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic is a civil association authorized by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic to perform administrative activities in the field of sport flying devices (SFD).

The principle of the duality of our association implies that the activities of the Administration are under the permanent supervision of the members, or rather the elected Council of the LAA CR, which leads to requirements for the efficiency of work, the performance of the Administration and the efficient use of funds for its activities. The basis of our Association's activities is non-commercial, recreational and sport flying.

Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic is an authorized organization for certification, issuing of pilot licenses and operation of sport flying devices - SFD in the Czech Republic.

SFD Includes paragliding, powered paragliding, hang gliding, autogyros, helicopters, center of gravity controlled aircraft, aerodynamically controlled aircraft, amateur built ultralight aircraft up to 600kg takeoff weight (ELSA) and ultralight gliders. In this respect, the LAA CR is unique in Europe.


Basic mission of the LAA CR

Since its establishment, the basic mission of the LAA CR has been to provide the best possible conditions for recreational and sport flying for pilots of sport flying devices (SFD) and, in accordance with technical requirements, to provide adequate conditions for the development and construction of sport flying devices (SFD).

The LAA CR aims to ensure the availability and safety of aviation in the categories SFD while maintaining the simplest and least costly organisational procedures.