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Selected articles from the table of contents: Argon - introduction of Polish-made ultralight whirlpool

Everything you wanted and needed to know about flaps from Peter Tax

Interview with the new Chairman of the Ultralight Aircraft Association Jan Pařez

A trip with a motorized parachute "To the last drop" by Jiří Jiroušek

How to fly with tandem to Tenerife by Jan Jaško

And Luboš Němec describes his rogalistic season


Peter <br/>Polách


I started paragliding in 2010 and 4 years later I started hang gliding. I am into free flying and competitive cross country flying. In addition, I am an instructor for both hang gliding and paragliding.

I am trying to develop our flying environment within the LAA and the paragliding and hang gliding associations. I occasionally write for Pilot magazine.




Pilot of the Cross country paragliding team. In 2023 he participated in the World Championships, from which the Czech team took 4th place.

Petr, better known as Kostya, has been paragliding since a very young age thanks to his dad's attitude and can be said to be "addicted" to Rana. Thanks to the years spent with a parachute above his head, he gained a lot of experience and joined the national team.


  • 1st place German Open 2023
  • 8th place World Cup in Spain 2023 (Pegalajar)
  • 3rd place World Cup in Turkey 2023 (Aksaray)
  • 32nd place at the 2023 World Championships
  • 4th place in the Nations competition at the 2023 World Championships
Jiří Krajča

Jiří Krajča

I started paragliding in 2009 and switched to powered aircraft a year later. Later I also took up hang gliding. I've been on the team since 2012, when I was a teamleader for the first time at the World Championships in Spain. I am also the first offspring of the successful young talent program, then under the guidance of Ivo Lengal. With my youth gone, I have taken up the scepter to pass on the experience to other young talents. I lived in the UK for 8 years where I was an instructor at ull, teaching Brits to fly and also extended my pilot's license to general aviation aircraft. I build, repair, maintain and manufacture accessories for sport aircraft. I am also an instructor and test pilot. Greatest achievements: multiple European, World, National Champion in single seat AL1 category and also one UK title in hang gliders.


LAA Czech Aeronautical Athlete 2023

2022 - World Champion from WMC Hosín

2021 - Champion of Czech Republic in SAL1 category and winner of NPPT

2020 - Champion of Czech Republic in SAL1 category and winner of NPPT

2019 - European Champion from EMC Ignalina in SAL1 category

2018 - World Champion from WMC Nagykanizsa, cat. SAL1

2017 - European Champion from EMC in Nagykanizsa, cat. SAL1

2017 - Champion of Czech Republic in RWL1 category

2016 - 3rd place at the Czech Championship in RWL1 category

2015 - 3rd place at the European EMC Championship, Kruszyn, cat. SAL2

2015 - 1st place British Microlight Championshop 2015 - RWL2



I started paragliding in 2007 with Jarda Čermák in Rana. It was great from the first flight. My first competition in precision and paragliding in general was in 2014 World Cup competition in Germany, where I found myself by chance. I worked hard and missed the last place by a small margin. Apparently, the only competitor who finished behind me was a competitor who got injured.

However, I was intrigued by the group around Tomáš Lednik and so I stayed with paragliding precision.


  • 2018 - 6th place, European Championships, Kobarid, Slovenia
  • 2019 - 3rd place, Asian Championship (test event), Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan
  • 2020 - 1st place, Czech Republic Championship 2020
  • 2020 - 1st place, in the overall standings of the Czech ACC League
  • 2021 - 2nd place, World Championships, Prilep, Northern Macedonia
  • 2021 - 1st place, in the overall standings of the Czech ACC League
  • 2022 - 3rd place, European Championships, Sibiu, Romania
Petr Jonáš

Petr Jonáš

He started his competitive career in ultralights and participated in the Petr Tucek Navigation Cup and the Czech Republic Championship with the Young Sports Talents program. He flew crew with his wife Lucie for seven years and in 2017 they won the European Champions title in UL flying in the RAL2 category. His flight logs so far have settled at 550 hours with ultralights and 450 hours with general aviation aircraft. However, Petr is also active in competition flying as far as its organization is concerned - for example, he was the sports director of last year's successful FAI World UL Flying Championships in Hosin. One of the highlights of his sport aviation career is undoubtedly the gold medal from this year's 23rd FAI World Air Rally Championship in the crew with navigator Mark Velát, where the entire Czech team shone at the same time. Petr was also a member of the Board of Union UL flying of LAA CR for 5 years.


  • World Champion in Air Rally 2023 and 2018 (GA) with Mark Velát
  • European Champion 2017 in UL category RAL 2
  • Master of the Czech Republic 2020 in aerobatic flying cat. Intermediate