Structure of competitions

In air sports, these are competitions unified into one system because competitors are scored in each round of competition and the competitor with the highest/lowest score becomes the winner.

Within one competition there are categories Open (men and women together), Women, Juniors-U25.

Description of competitions

  • Only pilots sent by the NAC (National Aeroclub, in our case LAA CR) can participate in FAI 1 category competitions. LAA CR has representative teams in individual specialties and possibly in individual disciplines.
  • International FAI category 2 competitions are open to all participants, some series have qualification criteria. In the case of the World Cup, qualification must be based on league competition in the previous season or on the basis of the national championship
  • National competitions are open to all participants. For league competitions there are individual and club team competitions
  • Lower level competitions are open to all applicants

Structure of competitions

Evaluation of competitions

  • In national competitions pilots are evaluated and according to their results they get points for the national ranking.
  • For sports that have an FAI International Ranking, competitors in competitions registered by the relevant Commission will earn points towards this International Ranking (e.g. CIVL )

Competition management