How to pay for services

  1. Transfer from bank account
    LAA ČR account number: 2800066859 / 2010
    Constant symbol: 0308
    Variable symbol: birth number (for natural persons) or ID number (legal persons)
    Message to the beneficiary: purpose of payment (see abbreviations below)
  2. Payment via online services
    Here it is possible by bank transfer or credit card.
    Only insurance policies (which you create yourself on the online services), membership and association fees can be paid this way . All other services must be paid in advance by bank transfer, bank transfer, or cash at the LAA headquarters. ATTENTION!
    If you are arranging services via on-line, use a prescribed or generated variable symbol. This is crucial to identify the payment. Payments without a variable symbol will not be charged. Never combine multiple payments under one variable symbol!
  3. In cash at the headquarters of the LAA ČR
    ATTENTION - we do not accept credit cards
  4. Postal order type C
    cash at the post office -> to the address of LAA ČRAdress ofLAA ČR:Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic
    Ke Kablu 289, 102 00 Praha 10Recipient message: purpose of payment (see abbreviations below)


Purpose of payment - abbreviations

  1. Pilot Card, Payment Identification
    1. Issue of VPP pilot licence / type and number of pilot licence (e.g. UA123456)
    2. PPP pilot licence extension / type and number of pilot licence (e.g. UA123456)
    3. Qualification registration / type and number of PP
    4. Issuance of a duplicate VDPP pilot licence / type of pilot licence (e.g. UA, UT, PL, etc.)
    5. FAI license issue: FAI (and use your birth number as a variable symbol!)
  2. Technical certificate SFD
    1. Issue of VTP technical licence / number plate (e.g. IUS 99)
    2. Extension of PTP licence / number plate
    3. Issuing a duplicate VDTP technical licence / number plate
    4. Owner transfer SFD PM / license plate
  3. Liability insurance for damage caused by traffic SFD
    1. SFD in addition to the PK ZP / license plate number, for the first time insured SFD also the name (e.g. Sluka, Cora, etc.)
    2. Paragliders
      • ZP PK - Czech Republic, Slovakia or World
      • serial number and name of the PK (in case of insurance of a specific PK)
      • or birth number (in case of personal insurance)
      • CP travel insurance
      • Accident insurance ÚP
      • membership fees of the ČLP
      • SVP union dues (MPG)

By submitting your payment correctly and attaching a copy of your payment receipt to the forms sent to the LAA, you will help to ensure that your payment is correctly classified and that your application is processed more quickly.