Enrolment SK 13.2.2024

present: Dlasková, Kricnar, Jareš, Hanč


excused: Polách 

start at 20:30 on skype

end at 22:40

  • Clarification and amendment of the ACC Sporting Regulations 

After much debate, SK decided to approve a modification to the rules for the overall ACC league standings. Approved modifications:

  1. The clarification of the rule concerns the composition of the team pilots for league competitions organized by the PG Association.
  • now: the number of foreign pilots in the team for the overall league series ranking has not been addressed
  • Clarification: A team will be counted in the overall league results when more than half of the pilots in the team are of Czech nationality (Czech pilots) at the end of the season. For example, a team with 7 pilots registered at the end of the season must have at least 4 pilots of Czech nationality


2. Change of counting results for the overall ACC league series effective 2024.

  • Currently, the lowest number of points scored after crossing off ⅓ of all results is used to determine the overall ACC league winner. In that case, we may be faced with a situation where the overall league winner is a pilot who had mediocre results (standings in individual races) during the season but wins the overall league results.
  • A new system that will award pilots points per race should solve this problem. For a more detailed description, see the introduction of the system


The introduction of the new race series results counting system will be announced shortly.

  • Determination of XC representation 

SK agreed on the definition of XC representation, which concerns the possibility of expanding the representation to include a woman:

Representation is determined according to the ranking as of 1.1. of the year.

The extended representation is determined according to the ranking as of 1.1. of the given year.

The main team can be extended by a woman who meets the nomination rules for FAI1 competition. The extension of the main team by a woman is approved by the SK on the proposal of the TL of the national team.

The adjustment will be published in an updated document "XC Representation Selection Rules" here on the old website.

  • Update of the XC Sport Regulations

The XC Regulations will be updated in the near future in the points concerning the qualification for the XC Championship.