Accident insurance in 2024

(conditions valid in 2023 can be found here)

according to the insurance contract No. 1900491291 concluded between LAA ČR and ČSOB Pojišt'ovna, a.s.

  • Only for LAA members - natural persons
  • The insurance covers, in its basic form, compensation for death resulting from an accident and compensation for permanent consequences resulting from an accident
  • In the supplementary form, it is possible to add compensation for daily compensation in the event of an accident
  • By way of derogation from the General Terms and Conditions of ČSOB Pojišt'ovna, a.s., it applies to air sports, air competitions and related activities.

It is divided into two parts:

  • Basic: includes cover for "Accidental death" and "Permanent Accidental Death" with progressive benefit
  • Additional: the possibility of adding "Daily Indemnity" insurance

Accident insurance options and range of claims:

  • By way of derogation from the General Terms and Conditions of ČSOB Pojišt'ovna, a.s., it also applies to insurance of LAA ČR members in air sports and related activities
  • If death occurs as a result of an accident, the insurer will pay the agreed amount in the event of death
  • Progressive benefits - details can be found on the insurance company's website(
  • The start of insurance is always at 0.00 a.m. on the day following the payment of the premium! (The date on the deposit slip or on the receipt for cash payments is decisive)

The insurance is always valid for one year (365 days). The insurance options below can cover either injuries occurring during flying and related activities or injuries occurring 24 hours a day (including flying and related activities), 365 days a year.

Sum insured A, A-24 B, B-24 C, C-24
Death by accident 80 000 300 000 500 000
Permanent Injury Benefits from 1% with progressive benefit 160 000 300 000 500 000
Insurance benefits A B C
Flying and related activities only (no index) 800 1 520 3 168
24 hours a day incl. Flying and related activities
(with index 24)
2 000 3 840 7 760

Option of daily indemnity insurance
- It is possible to take out daily indemnity to the basic accident insurance - necessary treatment of bodily injury resulting from an accident - daily indemnity with a limit of 29P (ZPP HUP 04/2018. Art. 6). If the insured person suffers an accident and the period of necessary treatment of the bodily injury resulting from the accident lasts at least 29 days, the insurer shall pay the amount of the daily indemnity at the agreed amount, in accordance with the other provisions of this Article, from the first day of such treatment. The period for which the daily indemnity is payable shall be a maximum of 365 days from the date of the accident.

The following daily indemnities can be arranged for each accident insurance option:

Option A, A (24) daily compensation 100
Option B, B (24) daily compensation 100 or 200
Option C, C (24) daily compensation 100, 200 or 500
Daily compensation (up to)
Insurance premiums 100 200 300
Flying and related activities only 1 360 2 640 4 000
24 hours a day incl. Flying and related activities 2 800 5 520 8 320

Example of the chosen variant:
Accident insurance and 24-hour daily indemnity (including air sports) with the following sums insured:

  • Death by accident = CZK 300 000
  • Permanent consequences of the accident = CZK 300 000
  • Daily compensation = 100 CZK

Annual premium = B (24) + DO (24) 100 = 3 840 + 2 800 = 6 640 CZK

Conditions for the settlement of insurance policies:
  • Insurance can be arranged online


  • Payment of the insurance amount by bank transfer, bank transfer or at the cash desk of the LAA ČR (it is necessary to specify the insurance product. When paying by bank transfer or bank transfer, please indicate "IO + chosen option" in the message to the beneficiary).


The amount is considered paid if it is credited to the LAA account, paid by postal order or deposited in cash). The earliest the policy is valid is the day after the payment of the sum insured.


Reporting of damage events:

The insured shall immediately notify the occurrence of a claim by telephone at 466 100 777 or electronically at or at:

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