Instructors' liability insurance SFD

according to the insurance policy No. 8067203414.
Before arranging the insurance, it is necessary to read the insurance terms and conditions, which are available on the website of the LAA ČR ( in the "Services/Insurance" section. In this article there is only a brief text for the contract.
ČSOB Pojišt'ovna, a. s., a member of ČSOB Holding, and Light Aircraft Association of the Czech Republic have concluded this insurance contract pursuant to Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Civil Code"), which together with the General Insurance Conditions General Part of the General Insurance Policy OC 2014 (hereinafter referred to as the "General Insurance Policy OC 2014") and the General Insurance Conditions of Liability Insurance of Natural and Legal Persons (hereinafter referred to as the "General Insurance Policy ODP 2014") form an integral whole.
1) This insurance contract is for the insurance of the liability of the insured for damage caused to another in connection with the activities of an instructor authorized to teach pilots of sport flying devices (hereinafter referred to as "instructor SFD") within the scope of GIC ODP 2014 Article II paragraph 1., 2.b) and 3.

2) Only the following persons may be insured under this insurance policy:
a) natural persons qualified as instructors for any type of sport flying equipment (hereinafter referred to as "SFD"), and who
b) are members or employees of the LAA CR, and who
c) have enrolled in the insurance and their insurance has arisen according to the rules set out in this insurance policy below.

3) In the event of an accident for which the instructor SFD insured under this insurance policy is liable, the other insured is also the pilot training centre on whose behalf the instructor SFD (liable for the loss) is lawfully instructing SFD pilots.
The insurances agreed by the insurance contract and their scope
1) It is agreed that the insurance of the liability of the insured for damage caused to another in connection with the activities of the instructor SFD in the scope of the VPP ODP 2014 Article II paragraph 1., 2.b) and 3. is negotiated with the following limits of insurance benefits and for the specified premium.
2) The amount of the single annual premium for the insurance depending on:
- the limits of indemnity (hereinafter also referred to as "LPP") determined by the insured
- the number of pupils in whose training, according to the records of the LAA of the Czech Republic, the Insured has participated in the last two calendar years and who, as a result of such training, have obtained a pilot's licence SFD (hereinafter also referred to as the "number of pilots-2R") is as follows (see the values shown in the table):
Premium for the insurance period of 1 year (in CZK)
Limit of insurance benefit (CZK)
Number of pilots-2R 1 000 000 ​2 000 000 ​5 000 000
0 - 1 1 029 ​1 284 ​1 650
2 - 5 ​1 401 ​1 763 ​2 243
6 - 10 ​2 352 ​2 928 ​3 750
11 - 20 ​3 822 ​4 752 ​6 075
more than 20 ​5 488 6 816 ​8 700


1) The value of the parameter "number of pilots-2R" according to the preceding paragraph shall be determined from the records maintained by the LAA CR. When insurance is taken out in accordance with the procedure set out in Article V of this Agreement, the insurance candidate shall verify the value of the parameter "number of pilots-2R" with the LAA CR.
2) The insurance is negotiated with the territorial scope of Europe.
3) It is hereby agreed that the exclusion referred to in Article IV.1.e) of the RIP 2014 is deleted.
4) The insurance in the scope according to the GIC ODP 2014 Article II paragraph 3 is arranged with a sublimit of performance of 10% of the limit of insurance performance specified in paragraph 2 of this article and determined by the insured when arranging the insurance.
5) Each individual insurance policy taken out under this insurance contract is taken out with an insurance period of 12 months.
Insurance premiums
1) It is agreed that the premium for all individual insurance policies under this insurance contract shall be a single premium.
2) The insurer and the policyholder, by way of derogation from the provisions of Section 2782(1) of the Civil Code and by way of derogation from the provisions of Article V(7) of the GIC OC 2014, agree that the insurer is entitled to a single premium for the entire insurance period for which the insurance was agreed, regardless of whether the insurance has lapsed before the expiry of the agreed insurance period.
Certificate of Insurance
1) Upon payment of the amount corresponding to the lump sum premium, calculated according to the scope of insurance as described above, and delivery of the application for insurance, LAA ČR shall issue to the insured, on behalf of the insurer, a certificate of liability insurance evidencing the scope of the insurance agreed.
Conditions for arranging insurance:
The insurance company requires that the prospective insured apply either by written application or online at( After that, the application form is no longer sent to the LAA CR.
Payment of the sum insured - the sum insured is deemed to be paid if it is credited to the LAA CR account, paid by postal order or paid in cash at the LAA CR. The insurance policy is valid at the earliest on the day after the payment, delivery of the sum insured and the application form.
Notification of harmful events
1) In accordance with the provisions of Section 2796 of the Civil Code, the insured party is obliged to notify the insurer of the occurrence of a claim by calling 466 100 777 or or by writing to:
ČSOB Pojišt'ovna, a. s., member of the ČSOB holding
Non-Life Insurance Client Services Department
Green Suburbs
Masarykovo náměstí No. 1458
532 18 Pardubice
Willis s.r.o.
Charles Square Center
Karlovo nám. 10
120 00 Prague 2
TEL.: 296 214 551 - 5
FAX: 296 214 550
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