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Insurance contract no. 8079713114
Smluvní strany: ČSOB Pojišťovna, a. s., člen holdingu ČSOB Letecká amatérská asociace ČR uzavřely tuto pojistnou smlouvu podle zákona č. 89/2012 Sb., občanský zákoník, ve znění pozdějších předpisů (dále jen „občanský zákoník”), která spolu se Všeobecnými pojistnými podmínkami Pojištění letectví VPP AVN 2014 (dále jen „VPP AVN 2014“) tvoří nedílný celek. 
1) This insurance contract is for the accident insurance of the sports flying equipment (hereinafter referred to as "SFD") defined in paragraph 2) of this article, within the scope of GIC AVN 2014 Part B Article I.
2) The subject of insurance within the meaning of GIC AVN 2014 Part B Article II may only be SFD category ultralight aircraft (hereinafter referred to as "aircraft"), which is designed for a maximum of two persons, controlled either by shifting the pilot's centre of gravity or by aerodynamic means, whose stall speed does not exceed 75 km/h and whose maximum take-off weight does not exceed 600 kg.
3) Only persons who:
(a) are the owners of the aircraft or the operators of the aircraft, if different from the owners,
b) are members or employees of the LAA CR.
c) have fulfilled the conditions under Article V. of this insurance policy.
4) The insured persons within the meaning of this contract are natural and legal persons.
5) By way of deviation from GIC AVN 2014 Part A Article XI paragraph 3, it is agreed that the address to which documents are delivered by the insurer may be located only in the territory of the European Union.
6) The Parties agree to delete the provisions of the GTC AVN 2014 Part A, Article III, paragraph 3, final sentence, as follows: "In the event that the insurance covers the value of the insured's insurable interest other than the policyholder, the policyholder shall have the same obligations as the insured."

The insurances agreed by the insurance contract and their scope

1) The insurance under this insurance policy is taken out in case of sudden damage, destruction or missing of the aircraft by any accidental event that limits or excludes its functionality and is not further excluded in GIC AVN 2014 Part A or B or the insurance policy.
2) It is agreed that the insurer shall not be obliged to provide a claim if the loss or damage occurs during the flight or take-off or landing of the aircraft at night. Night means the period between the end of civil twilight and the beginning of civil dawn. Civil twilight ends in the evening when the centre of the solar disc is 6 degrees below the horizon and civil dawn begins in the morning when the centre of the solar disc is 6 degrees below the horizon.
3) It is further agreed that the insurer shall only provide a claim for a loss or damage event on condition that the insured aircraft had a valid and effective technical certificate at the time of the loss or damage event.
4) It is agreed that in the event of an insured event caused by the destruction or disappearance of an aircraft, the insured shall be obliged to pay an amount of additional premium equal to the difference between the annual premium and the premium already paid for the agreed period of insurance if the agreed period of insurance or the period of insurance is less than one year. The annual premium shall be determined as the product of the sum insured of the aircraft and the premium rate specified in the policy for the sum insured category and the chosen excess. The insurer shall be entitled to reduce the claim for the insured event by the amount of the additional premium determined in accordance with the procedure set out in this paragraph.
5) The insurance under this policy covers claims occurring worldwide.
6) Havarijní pojištění se nevztahuje na jakékoli škodné události nastalé na území dále uvedených států a regionů (dále také jen “vyloučená území)”:
(e) IRAN, IRAQ, LIBANON, LIBYA, NORTH SINAI including Taba International Airport (a province in Egypt), SYRIA, YEMEN,
(f) Any State in whose territory the operation of the aircraft is in violation of United Nations sanctions.
6.1) Despite the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the insurance covers:
(a) an accident occurring in connection with a flight over any excluded territory, provided that the flight is conducted in an internationally recognised air corridor and is conducted in accordance with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (I.C.A.O.); or
(b) claims arising in connection with cases where an aircraft has landed in an excluded area as a direct result of and solely as a result of force majeure.
7) Insurance does not apply to claims made under the aircraft accident insurance if the loss or damage occurs in the Defined Territory (as defined below) and/or if such loss or damage arises out of or in connection with an armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, this exclusion does not apply to aircraft which are neither going to nor leaving the Defined Territory but which have landed in the Defined Territory solely because of a direct act of God.
"Defined Territory" includes:
(a) the Republic of Belarus
(b) the Russian Federation (to the extent recognized by the United Nations) or its territories, including territorial waters, or protectorates where it has legal control (legal control means where recognized by the United Nations); or
(c) Ukraine (in accordance with the borders established under the 1991 Declaration of Independence, including the Crimean Peninsula and the Donetsk and Luhansk regions).
8) In accordance with the AVN GIC 2014 Part B Article VII, paragraph 2(c), it is agreed that the insured value shall be determined as the other price, which is the amount specified in the insurance contract by agreement of the parties.) In accordance with the AVN T&C 2014 Part B Article VII(2)(c), it is agreed that the insured value is fixed as another price, which is the amount fixed in the insurance contract by agreement of the parties.
9) It is agreed that the insurance does not cover claims caused by flights intended for work in agriculture and forestry; for fire fighting; for sporting activities carried out at a professional level; with suspended loads; testing, including prototype tests and tests of new, modified or repaired designs.
Professional level sporting activity means any activity (other than normal flight school activity) performed by athletes for remuneration and any preparation for that activity.
10) For this insurance contract, the wording of GIC AVN 2014 Part B Article V, paragraph 3. c) is cancelled.
11) Basic rates for aircraft accident insurance depending on:
- the insured's specified aircraft sum insured,
- the insured's specified deductible (see values in the table below):

Base rates (in per mille)

PČ (sum insured) of the aircraft (CZK) Co-participation (CZK)
50 000 100 000 200 000 300 000
up to 800 000 44,1 34,7 26,8 -
800 001 - 1 500 000 34,7 32,6 23,1 21,5
more than 1 500 000 33,6 31,5 23,1 21,5

11) The annual premium is the product of the sum insured of the aircraft and the basic rate shown in the table.

12) According to the will of the insured expressed prior to the commencement of the individual insurance contracted by this insurance contract (see Article V of this insurance contract), the insurance may also be commenced for an insurance period shorter than one insurance year. The resulting premium shall then be the product of the annual premium and a percentage value determined on the basis of the length of the period of insurance (see paragraph 13 of this Article), but not less than CZK 8 000.
13) Each individual insurance policy taken out under this insurance contract is taken out with a maximum insurance period of 12 months, but no later than 31 December 2024.
14) It is agreed that in the case of insurance policies with a period of insurance of less than 12 months, the resulting amount of the premium shall be determined as the product of the annual premium determined in accordance with the procedure set out in this Article and a percentage determined according to the length of the period of insurance as follows:
Insurance period % of annual premium
within 6 months 65
up to 9 months 85
more than 9 months 100
Amounts shall be rounded to the nearest whole crown in a mathematical manner.

Certificate of Insurance

Upon receipt of the application form and payment of the amount corresponding to the premium by the insured to LAA CR, LAA CR shall issue to the insured, on behalf of the insurer, an Aircraft Accident Insurance Certificate evidencing the scope of the agreed insurance.
Conditions for the settlement of insurance policies:
- The insurance company requires the insured to apply for insurance either by WRITTEN APPLICATION or ONLINE - thenyou do not send the application to the LAA ČR.
- Payment of the sum insured (the sum insured is deemed to have been paid if it is credited to the LAA account, paid by postal order or deposited in cash at the LAA cash desk). The insurance policy is not valid until the day after the sum insured has been paid.

Hhe claims handling:

The insured shall immediately notify the occurrence of a claim by telephone at 466 100 777 or electronically at or at:
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