Minutes of the Bureau meeting Union PPG 28.2.2024

Bureau meeting Union PPG 28.2.2024 19.00-21.00

Kaňok, Klement, Koláček, Sura, Andrlík


-Determining the condition of the material to be removed, old parachutes and equipment. Items not interested will be offered for sale at the MPG Festival.

-The Board agreed to sell the tent that is no longer in use. We will post the information on the Union's website.

-Feedback on the editing of the sports regulations.

-Question about planning of Czech Championship Slaloms, not planned yet.


-The Board proposes 5 places for foreign pilots for the Czech Championship held at Polepy Airport.


-Release the results from Qatar.


-Proposal to reprimand Luboš Halama for inappropriate performance at the World Slalom Championships in Qatar 2024.


-Drafting of the representation contract for the current representation.


-Discussion of the process of securing equipment for talented youth.


-The Bureau advises if anyone has a problem with MPK compatibility verification, please contact the MPK Technical Inspector Mr. Sura.


-The board agreed to suggest the representation pilots to become test pilots.