Announcement of the Czech Paragliding Cup 2007 results

This year's award ceremony Czech Paragliding Cup 2007 will take place on Saturday 8th December 2007 in the hall of the cultural house in the town of Stoky.

Štoky (see map) has a strategic location for pilots from all over the Czech Republic and is located roughly in the middle of our country, halfway between Prague and Brno, about 6km from D1, so we believe that we will meet pilots with escorts from both ends of our country.

The event will include a closing of the sky in the Highlands with a screening and a live rock band. The guide of the evening will be the conferencer Míra Oros.

Delicious stews and steaks will be available for the meal. To drink beer from Montenegro, wine from South Moravia and other goodies. The event will probably start at 6 pm.

In case of favorable snow conditions, don't forget your kits 🙂

We look forward to seeing you all.
PARAGLIDING-VYSOČ team and the organizer of the Czech Cup server

Further information:

Karel Vejchodský 777 560 735

Jan Krátký 774 747 499

Jakub Havel 776 642 480

Accommodation options:

Recreation centre Pod Dubovou Skálou

Prices from 120,- /person


Pension 324 Stoky

Prices from 250,- /person


Pension Hanesův mlýn:


Camping Vysocina:

Pension C&C Štoky: